Tacoma Theatre Building

Tacoma Theatre Building from the Billy Rose Theatre Division

Wooden Bridge over Steilacoom Lake in 1908

This image of a bridge in Steilacoom Bridge interested me because it is a place that I always visited when I was younger but never knew there used…

1908 South Tacoma Public Water Fountain

This shows a public water fountain in South Tacoma in 1908. It makes for an interesting comparison to life in 2020. A public utility such as a water…

Tacoma Women

Tacoma women were taking classes at Tacoma Vocational School to prepare for jobs in war production work. Learning to use calipers to make measurements on a blueprint.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapsed, Washington

This picture shows the Tacoma Narrows bridge after its collapse. This could be used in historical research about the development of bridge technology. 

A page from the 1913/14 University of Puget Sound yearbook

Japanese Americans using postal service at Puyallup Assembly Center for letters and packages.

Puyallup (Wash.) Assembly Center – Parcel post and a full postal service is maintained at the Center

This may be of interest to historians researching internment and detention centers and the history of Japanese Americans, especially on the West Coast.

Cover of pamphelet Souvenir of Mount Tacoma Washington, Art deco design around drawing of Mount Rainier

Souvenir of Mount Tacoma

This pamphlet shows drawings of Mount Rainier (formerly Mount Tacoma) and is a souvenir book for Rainier National Park. This may be of interest to historians researching National…

Postcard illustration of Tacoma waterfront with Mt. Rainier in background.

Tacoma and Mt. Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington (Postcard)

This postcard shows how much Tacoma has changed. The writing on the postcard and who was sending it may be of interest to historians researching how Tacoma was…