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Cat Naps

Ludo, the great brown floof

A cat sitting on her perch and smiling smugly.

The Best Cat in the World

My cat and her usual look when I try to wake her up.



Campfire in Forest

Moving Day

Moving West

Me and my pups on the road to Tacoma!

This is my dog barking AGAIN. What a donkey.

do dog barking gifs work?

I did the same thing as last time. Except this time my dog was 4 years older, and should’ve definitely known better by now.

my dog being an idiot and barking at the doorbell


I rang the doorbell of my house while videoing my dog, and this is a frame from the video of him barking like an idiot at nothing.

A photograph taken in Lincoln Park, showing lots of green leafy trees and a low wooden fence gently framing a wide dirt walking path.

A leafy walk in Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Walking on a summer Sunday is a delight!

Image of an Australian Cattle Dog in a wagon.

Lilly the Dog

This is my dog, Lilly!  She is amazing.

A big wheel with an average sized child in front

Morning light through quilt-like curtains.

My sister’s curtains

I recently got to visit my sister at her home in Iowa. The morning light streaming in the guest bedroom made me so happy because I loved these…