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My dog in her happy place

She loves places where there’s sunlight so she probably was pretty happy to be laying in the sun.

Baby Leo

Baby Yoda doll holding an orange purse with an eyeball on it.

Baby Yoda goes shopping

Baby Yoda!!

colorful kawaii daruma

Introducing Theresa

Adjectives: crotchety, wannabe creative, tired (aren’t we all?) Departments: History (primary focus), African Studies (secondary focus), Canadian Studies (teritiary focus), Western Europe (hardly any focus), Comparative History of…

Small dog

Picture of my dog smiling at me

A long overdue wash

My project car that hasn’t run in years got its first bath in 3 years and really made me happy!

Take out of dim sum and kimchi

Dim Sum!

Surprise dim sum from a bus!

German Shepard and Rottweiler

Two Brothers!

Two good boys

Degree Metrics

Major Data Tacoma

Deep dark

deep dark

black image.