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Greater Sage-Grouse in WY

Greater sage-grouse are illuminated on a lek by sunrise over the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Aurora photographed in February 2016 in Ruka, Finland

Northern Lights in Finland

Aurora photographed in February 2016 in Ruka, Finland

Common Seal (Phoca vitulina vitulina), off Lismore, Argyll

1977-1978 Harbor Seal Census of Puget Sound, WA

Small crab looking right, standing in the grass at Kama Botany May National park.

Crab enjoying the National park

Teal, J. M. (1958). Distribution of Fiddler Crabs in Georgia Salt Marshes. Ecology, 39(2), 186–193. https://doi.org/10.2307/1931862

The Zumwalt Prairie, managed by The Nature Conservancy, Wallowa County, Oregon

Pollination in the Zumwalt Prairie

Rolling hills of the Zumwalt Prairie landscape in Wallowa County, Oregon.

Gray wolf entering a body of water.

Gray Wolves in the Pacific Northwest

Weckworth, B. V., Talbot, S. L., & Cook, J. A. (2010). Phylogeography of wolves (Canis lupus) in the Pacific Northwest. Journal of Mammalogy, 91(2), 363–375. http://www.jstor.org/stable/40662622

Natural Landscape

The long stretches of mountains and clouds bring peace and smiles.

Spy x Family Bond Dog

Spy x Family: Anya and Bond

Taken from the Crunchyroll Website celebrating 4 million copies of “Spy x Family” Manga

colorful kawaii daruma

Introducing Theresa

Adjectives: crotchety, wannabe creative, tired (aren’t we all?) Departments: History (primary focus), African Studies (secondary focus), Canadian Studies (teritiary focus), Western Europe (hardly any focus), Comparative History of…

A long overdue wash

My project car that hasn’t run in years got its first bath in 3 years and really made me happy!

Road trip with my brother

It is hard to put together a road trip with my brother and friends, but when it finally happens it is great! Especially we all drive a VW…

trying to overwrite deep dark

deep dark

Degree Metrics

Major Data Tacoma

Lasers and strobe lights illuminate a dim parking garage, full of people dancing with a stage at the back of the room.

Parking Garage Lasers

Taken at a music festival, this picture reminds me of our pre-COVID days and being able to have fun and forget about the worlds issues for at least…

Deep dark

deep dark

black image.

Peace Out

How I say bye to people



Campfire in Forest

This is my dog barking AGAIN. What a donkey.

do dog barking gifs work?

I did the same thing as last time. Except this time my dog was 4 years older, and should’ve definitely known better by now.

A big wheel with an average sized child in front

Vibrant yellow flowers in bright sunshine. Photo taken in Maui.

Springtime in Maui

Splashes of yellow, especially in nature, always make me smile.

Blackberry images on white background.

Blackberry Picking Brings Me Joy!

I love when the warm summer winds begin to smell like blackberry pie.

Caught in the act!


This clever critter loves to rob the bird feeder.

View of Hawaii

Nature is the medicine

Sit, think, and smile

Daphnia magna micrograph

Daphnia magna, an example of charismatic microfauna

Daphnia magna is the model organism used by students enrolled in BIOMD495 with Dr. Alison Gardell at UW Tacoma. Students are performing original experiments related to the environmental…

Summer blooming tree

Summertime in the south

British Museum’s Reading Room

Wonderful space for learning in London.

Joe Biden holding hot rod magazine washing his car


American Library Association READ poster featuring Joe Biden created by Dylan Burns.

child washing car

Hard at work

Pandemic entertainment. Put him to work!

A small orange cat

My friend Cobra Kitty

This is Cobra Kitty, who is an excellent cat. She likes to chirp at birds.

Say Cheese Neon Sign

Say Cheeeeese

Image of City Grind

City Grind

Thinking of City Grind makes me smile!

Book Jackets of Black Lives Matter Readings

BLM Book Titles

Here is a list of books to read to educate oneself on Black Lives Matter issues.

a child stands with back to camera, using a flashlight against a wall

3 year old with a flashlight

The joy that a flashlight brings a 3 year old is infectious

Black and white cat sitting on a puzzle. The puzzle's image is many cats.

Cats are puzzling creatures.