10 Items Categorized "Small"

Small things that made you smile.

A cartoonish wood carved seagull wears a pink knitted hat the size of a thimbel.

small hat

small bird in a small hat

Baby Yoda doll holding an orange purse with an eyeball on it.

Baby Yoda goes shopping

Baby Yoda!!

Take out of dim sum and kimchi

Dim Sum!

Surprise dim sum from a bus!

Vibrant yellow flowers in bright sunshine. Photo taken in Maui.

Springtime in Maui

Splashes of yellow, especially in nature, always make me smile.

Caught in the act!


This clever critter loves to rob the bird feeder.

Summer Seltzers

A variety of Polar seltzers.

Pyramid Pie

The best pie chart that doesn’t include actual pie. No I want pie!

Childhood rulers

My parents recently moved across the country and mailed me some boxes of my things. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering gems like these 🙂

black cat on a lap, with head resting against a forearm

Cozy Coworker

Our cat Minoux likes to keep me company during my workday, although sometimes the positions that are coziest for her are least useful for me.

open face tomato and mayo sandwich on wood table.

The best sandwich of the summer.

The best sandwich of the summer: a sliced heirloom tomato on toasted bread with mayo.