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Black, white and orange koi fish

Koi Fish in Pond

Taylor, Nick G. H., et al. “Modelling the Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) Epidemic Highlights the Importance of Active Surveillance within a National Control Policy.” Journal of Applied Ecology, vol….

Two black and white dogs on beach

Brynigan and Nia

Photograph of dogs

My dog in her happy place

She loves places where there’s sunlight so she probably was pretty happy to be laying in the sun.

Samurai the Cat

A cat named Samurai that visited my job, he was so soft and affectionate.

Baby Leo

sleeping rabbit in a carrier

Jun the Foster Rabbit

Sweet little foster rabbit named Jun. He got adopted quicker than any other foster animal I’ve had.

Small dog

Picture of my dog smiling at me

lady and bodyguard

German Shepard and Rottweiler

Two Brothers!

Two good boys

Black Pomeranian/Chihuahua lying on owner staring at camera for Erika Bailey\'s Pool of Smiles.

Relaxed Fiji

Picture of my cat Bandit laying on the bed.

Bandit the Cat

Picture of my 13 year old cat Bandit who I love with all my heart.

Cat Naps

Ludo, the great brown floof

A cat sitting on her perch and smiling smugly.

The Best Cat in the World

My cat and her usual look when I try to wake her up.

Moving Day

Moving West

Me and my pups on the road to Tacoma!

This is my dog barking AGAIN. What a donkey.

do dog barking gifs work?

I did the same thing as last time. Except this time my dog was 4 years older, and should’ve definitely known better by now.

my dog being an idiot and barking at the doorbell


I rang the doorbell of my house while videoing my dog, and this is a frame from the video of him barking like an idiot at nothing.

Image of an Australian Cattle Dog in a wagon.

Lilly the Dog

This is my dog, Lilly!  She is amazing.

Dark brown mini dachshund laying on a blue blanket with her feet all tucked under her.

Coco Being a Loaf

My dog, Coco, makes me smile every day. She is very cute, and loves to snuggle up under blankets right next to me. She turns 16 this October.

International man of mystery

A small orange cat

My friend Cobra Kitty

This is Cobra Kitty, who is an excellent cat. She likes to chirp at birds.