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Jumping in a Puddle

A picture I took in high school that won a photography contest. It was hung up in St. Clare’s Hospital for a year, and is now in my…



Campfire in Forest

A photograph taken in Lincoln Park, showing lots of green leafy trees and a low wooden fence gently framing a wide dirt walking path.

A leafy walk in Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Walking on a summer Sunday is a delight!

A big wheel with an average sized child in front

Morning light through quilt-like curtains.

My sister’s curtains

I recently got to visit my sister at her home in Iowa. The morning light streaming in the guest bedroom made me so happy because I loved these…

Image of large stone toward atop highest point on Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in Washignton State.

Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island

Climbing this tower and every rock around it with my very adventurous 3 year old daughter this weekend was a highlight of my summer.

A moving tribute to Jerry Orbach

Literally moving…

A visiting friend – Griffy

Heart Lake

Mural on outside of boarded up business that reads "I Protest the Robbery of my Voice" with images of black and brown faces around it.

I Protest the Robbery of My Voice

Pacific Avenue is beautified with murals. It reminded me of the energy of the movement for black lives.