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This image shows an illegal still during the Prohibition era taken into the country courthouse in 1924.

Tacoma Prohibition Illegal Still

construction site

Construction of the Union Pacific Railroad

This is a photo of a construction site in 1908 on Yakima ave, it was supposed to be a tunnel for the union pacific railroad but it was…

Wooden Bridge over Steilacoom Lake in 1908

This image of a bridge in Steilacoom Bridge interested me because it is a place that I always visited when I was younger but never knew there used…

1908 South Tacoma Public Water Fountain

This shows a public water fountain in South Tacoma in 1908. It makes for an interesting comparison to life in 2020. A public utility such as a water…

Tacoma Women

Tacoma women were taking classes at Tacoma Vocational School to prepare for jobs in war production work. Learning to use calipers to make measurements on a blueprint.