Road trip with my brother

It is hard to put together a road trip with my brother and friends, but when it finally happens it is great! Especially we all drive a VW…

lady and bodyguard

German Shepard and Rottweiler

Two Brothers!

Two good boys

trying to overwrite deep dark

deep dark

Degree Metrics

Major Data Tacoma

Black Pomeranian/Chihuahua lying on owner staring at camera for Erika Bailey\'s Pool of Smiles.

Relaxed Fiji

Lasers and strobe lights illuminate a dim parking garage, full of people dancing with a stage at the back of the room.

Parking Garage Lasers

Taken at a music festival, this picture reminds me of our pre-COVID days and being able to have fun and forget about the worlds issues for at least…

Deep dark

deep dark

black image.

Picture of my cat Bandit laying on the bed.

Bandit the Cat

Picture of my 13 year old cat Bandit who I love with all my heart.

Peace Out

How I say bye to people